Diamond Armor

The most expensive custom tailored suit in the world.

This individual item is the result of the synergy of luxury, technology and art.

Characterized by technical refinements the suit will be custom tailored for the customer. The suit is waterproof due to nano-technological sealing, bulletproof (certified by NATO standards) and equipped with an active cooling system. The lining shows an artwork, which was prominently featured in the Hollywood blockbuster “This Means War”. Additionally, the Diamond Armor is graced with 880 black diamonds decorating the buttons and the lapel.

A bulletproof Ballistic Suit

Due to usage of the latest and lightest materials the Diamond Armor is ranked with level II in the protection classification. In cooperation with Croshield, manufacturer and developer of high quality body armor and ballistic protective equipment, SuitArt introduces the BALLISTIC SUIT at BaselWorld 2013. According to the NIJ standard 0101.04 as well as to the NATO STANAG 2920 V50>500m/s, several certified laboratories such as Mellrichstadt in Germany or TNO “Defense, Security and Safety” in Netherlands are testing the bulletproof products on a regularly basis.

Active Cooling System

From Singapore to Dubai to Mexico – the general problem of businessmen sweating in their business suits crops up in all warmer areas. The Diamond Armor provides a solution as being the first suit incorporating the AIR CONDITION SUIT SYSTEM developed by EMPA. The integrated technology, which can be activated at the push of a button, allows for highest comfort by cooling the wearer down through the humidification of water. In the future, it will be a pleasure to wear SuitArt suits even during summery temperatures thanks to the collaboration with the Swiss company UNICO Swiss Tex GmbH.

Waterproof due to anotechnology

Certain plant leaves are characterized by their fine textured surface which prevents dirt from clinging to the leaves and keeps them clean at all times. Schoeller Technologies transferred this non-sticky cleaning process including nanotechnology to textile fabrics. The top layer fabric of the Diamond Armor is waterproof and dirt-resistant.

880 Black Diamonds

The lapel and the contours of the Diamond Armor are graced with 600 black diamonds each with a diameter of four millimeters and a total weight of 140 carat. The polish of the certified and golden diamonds shows a high quality level. The buttons of the jacket consist of Swiss watch steel 316L with DLC coating and are graced with additional 280 black diamonds. The diamonds on the fabric are processed with a gold setting with extravagantly Swiss craftsmanship and sewed on by well-experienced tailors.


The silk lining of the Diamond Armor shows the artwork “Unidad Molecular Aleatoria” by the artist Luciano Goizueta which was prominently featured, in the Hollywood blockbuster “This Means War”. The art piece shows the “Rheinhafenkrahn” of Basel. The lining will be signed by the artist whereas the original wall painting belongs to the Diamond Armor. Goizueta won the Valoarte Art Show (Costa Rica and Latin America). His artwork has already been presenting in Miami, Zurich, Los Angeles, Panama, Santo Domingo, Buenos Aires, Basel and Barcelona. The trailer of the Hollywood blockbuster “This Means War” shows the artwork from Minute 1:28 till 1:41.


The fabric specialist Weisbrod from Zurich and EMPA developed a 24 carat golden silk tie. This precious accessory suits the Diamond Armor perfectly and is also included in the purchasing price. The golden fabric woven with golden thread and black silk covers the entire tie and has a smooth texture. Due to the nano-technology of EMPA this gold thread is the first permanently golden fabric in the world. The gold will adhere to the tie even when bent, folded or washed.

The watch matching to the Diamond Armor

The Carl F. Bucherer “PATRAVI TRAVELTEC FOURX LIMITED EDITION” is only available 125 times in the world. One of those belongs to the Diamond Armor and perfects the appearance. This chef d’oeuvre of the Lucerne watch manufacturer combines the materials gold, ceramic, titanium and rubber, shows three time zones and has a 42 hours power reserve.